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Why Every Business NEEDS a Website

In this day of age, all businesses need a website. Some brick and mortar stores have been running their businesses for years without the help of a website without little to no marketing, from word of mouth and been doing just fine but times are changing and technology has skyrocketed and word of mouth is no longer enough. We are living in the day of age of big name conglomerates with chain businesses popping up in local small neighborhoods. When this happens, your business is not as safe as it used to be. Not a lot of people shop small and it is hard to compete with certain prices. That is why a website will solid branding and eye catching graphics can help you attract more customers.

Generation of Instant Gratification

Every day someone new will be visiting or moving to your neighborhood and will Google search the nearest stores, restaurants, and businesses that provide services. Where does that leave you if you do not have a significant online presence or no presence at all? It leaves you last in place and your competitors winning. Especially if your business is located among many other stores like a shopping center or busy main street.

If you own a store that sells goods you might want to consider expanding your revenue and income by opening up an eCommerce store or if you are a restaurant you may also want to consider the ability to place food orders online for delivery or pickup. We are in the day of age where everyone is looking for instant gratification and have all the information they need on their smart phones.

Prospecting clients are judging you by your website

If you are an industry that provides a service, a solid website will make your company look more reputable. A lot of new prospecting clients will judge you by the look of your website. They will want to see the work you have done, your client reviews and make sure you have all the proper licensing or certifications. If you do have a website and it hasn’t been updated in a long time just know that this is something you will have to update on a regular basis and maintain. Also, if you are not mobile responsive, Google will penalize you. (Read more)

If you are serious about the longevity of your business then you must consider your online presence. Talk to a C&T Digital Services Rep today!

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