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Logo Design and Custom Graphics

Logo design is so much more than looking good, it has to be meaningful to your brand and convey the message you want to put out to your customers. 

Promotional Print Material

We use WordPress and we will train you on how to keep up with your site. It’s as easy as updating your Facebook profile.


With everyone on their mobile devices Responsive design is important and Google changed their algorithm, so if your site is not responsive, Google will penalize you by pushing you further down into search results. With our beautiful and responsive WordPress sites with Bootstrap Design, your site will fit any screen.  

Also we provide free training on how to update your site’s information! It’s as easy as updating your Facebook Profile! Not sure if your site is responsive? Check here.

Gorgeous Layout Design

Clean and easily navigation, eye catching images and unique layout design with movement.

Promotional Print Material

We use WordPress & Wix platforms and we will train you on how to keep up with your site. It’s as easy as updating your Facebook profile.

Fully Responsive

Full Responsive to be displayed efficiently in any mobile device.


Digital Marketing is pretty much dominating every industry on the planet now, yet a lot of small business owners are still not utilizing the internet to boost sales and revenue. The best thing about digital marketing is that most of it is cost effective and doesn’t take much money to start. It all depends on the size of the audience you want to target and how long you want to run your campaign. We can help you with budgeting and assessing which form of digital marketing is right for you!

PPC Campaigns

Paid Per Click Campaigns and promotions using Google, Adroll, Facebook and any other marketing platform.

Email Marketing

We can create templates and content for your monthly newsletter and expand your list.

Public Relations

We can assist with any event that you may want to throw and coordinate and promote it for you.

Social Media Marketing

We help you target your specified demographic and  get you established on social media by providing a social media strategy and setting up campaigns.

Content Marketing

Online promotions for your business. Give aways, promocodes, seasonal and video promos for social media.


We provide Search Engine Optimization and will get you found on Google. Also create Search Engine Marketing Campaigns.


This service is sort of conflicting for a lot of small business owners because no one  wants to be told that their doing something wrong. Especially when it comes to your own business that you  have successful ran for many years. That is why it takes an open mind to request this services because if you are running into roadblocks and you can’t seem to wrap your head around it, it takes a professional consultant to assess the issue and further prevent similar ones from emerging in the future.

Business Analysis

We make an assessment of your processes and do an analysis of your process to figure out what exactly can be hindering your productivity.

Productivity Survey

We know employee satisfaction is very important in running a smooth operation. That is why we feel it is important to survey them and get a feel what they may think may be preventing them from exceeding expectations.

Business Solutions

After assessing the surveys and your current process we will present options for your business that will enhance productivity and resolve the issue.

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