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The Ever-Changing Evolution of SEO

Things were so much different for Search Engine Optimization back then and I mean only 5-10 years ago. Things you used to do then to rank higher can get you penalized by Google now. Today, SEO is more content driven, which is why a lot of businesses are now blogging and sharing on Social Media.

Here is a list of things that have changed:

  1. Keywords:

Not too long ago people were focusing their SEO marketing on one particular keyword. Now it is all about long tail search phrases rather than just a word. Just think about how your potential audience would want to search for your business. The focus of using the one keyword gets lost and it is all about ranking at that point. The higher the ranking the higher the traffic is a definite, but it can also increase your bounce rate when you are not what they were particularly looking for.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks definitely still help but Google has cracked down on spammy backlinking and this can surely get you penalized if you backlink with the wrong site. Quality over quantity. You can create healthy backlinking utilizing social media links while creating content on your blog and sharing your site pages on social media. Also building relationships with other businesses, some guest blogging or Press Release websites with high PR ranking can help tremendously.

  1. Content Quality:

You don’t have to be an award winning author to write a blog, but it helps that the content is relatable and helpful to your audience. If the content receives a lot of engagements and is shared throughout social media that will boost your rankings significantly.

  1. Website quality and Mobile Responsiveness

Without a quality website that doesn’t offer a mobile friendly site you will be penalized by Google for it not being mobile responsive. Not only that but if your site is full of broken links that will also affect your ranking.

  1. Paid Advertising

Unfortunately, annoying pop ups are not going to go away anytime soon but there are many different ways to advertise. PPC, Social Media Advertising, Re targeting advertising and Search Engine Marketing.

Not everyone can set aside a paid advertisement budget when first beginning but it is important to start off with a small budget to test the waters and see what works the best and receives the most engagement. When you can compare the ads side by side then you can start feeding the budget for the ad with the most results. The good thing is that internet advertising is not too expensive, but it can be wasteful if there is no strategy behind it. Having trouble generating traffic for your website? Get a Quote Today!

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