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4 Fundamental Fixes for Motivating Employees

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

A productive workplace needs motivated employees. People who are excited to come to work will be less likely to arrive late or waste time at the office. Motivated workers are also more likely to go beyond basic expectations and take a more creative approach to their work. Motivating employees requires intentional decisions from owners and management.

Hire the Right Fit

The right motivation begins during the first interview. You want to make sure that a new hire is well-suited for the job. Personality and aptitude are both fundamental components of a good hire. A highly introverted person will not enjoy work that requires a great deal of customer contact. A highly extroverted person will not enjoy doing the behind-the-scenes work that every business needs. Put the right person in the right place, and motivation will develop.

Pay Your Employees Fairly

Even if an employee loves the job, they still want to be paid well. For most people, the basic reason they have a job is to make a living. A salary that does not meet industry standards can be a drag on motivation. A salary is the basic way that a business expresses the value of its employees. Think of it as an investment in motivation. When you pay your workers a decent wage, you show that you put their well-being above greater profits.

Use Their Time Well

Everyone has been part of a pointless meeting. The minutes tick by as you think about all the productive things that you could be getting done. Be mindful about the ways that you use your employees’ time. If a meeting is necessary, make sure that it is well done and informative. Also, as you get to know your employees, learn about their unique gifts. Assigning a special design project to someone with artistic abilities can be a real boost. It shows that you are paying attention.

Demonstrate Appreciation

People like to be noticed. Recognition programs, like an employee-of-the-month award, are helpful in creating an atmosphere of appreciation. You might give the winner a bonus, like a free lunch or a special parking spot. An engraved award that can be displayed in a prominent place can motivate other employees to work harder. At the same time, expressing appreciation can be as simple as writing a note that acknowledges you’ve noticed an employee’s efforts.

Businesses need every advantage in a competitive market. Employee motivation can make a significant difference in how a workplace succeeds. By working to motivate your employees, you are investing in the health of your business.

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