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Instagram’s Latest Updates is a Godsend to Social Media Managers!

It’s about damn time!

Instagram recently launched its latest updates and as a Social Media Manager all I could say is, “It’s about damn time”. If you’re a small business owner that does most of your own social media marketing and updates then you know how much of a headache it was to plan posts on Instagram. Since Instagram doesn’t really configure well with 3rd party Social media scheduling apps like HootSuite. The only thing it would do is remind you that you have to post something at a specific time, but often there were many glitches in the process and the reminders didn’t go through properly for some devices. There was no real way to save posts and easily compile scheduled posts for quick uploading, no matter what you did or what app you used, it was still a very flawed and long drawn out process.

Instagram introduced its save drafts feature that will change the way you schedule posts on its platform. You set up your post, with its proper filter, caption, and tags. Then go back, and you will be prompted to answer if you would like to save to Drafts. You can then go and go back to drafts and simple post it at whatever time pleases you. Although there is no scheduling feature, it is a big improvement and hopefully, it will be a feature that will be implemented very soon. I say it is on its way to becoming more painless and automated. Now let’s talk about the very latest update. Instagram Stories! Since Instagram was rejected to buy out Snapchat they figured they would just copy their Stories feature where you can snap a photo or video, draw on it and it would then disappear after 24 hours. No cool face filters and cute stickers as

“I want post this to Instagram but I don’t want Janice to know she wasn’t invited”

of yet, but you can caption it, draw on it with really cool neon strokes. You can insert your own emoji s that are already included in your keyboard which is pretty neat. The thing that sets it apart the most from Snapchat is that you can actually set up privacy settings for each story. You can make your stories private for only your followers and for the shady people out there you can even exclude some existing followers as well. It is nothing compared to all the bells and whistles Snapchat has but it’s a start to make Instagram a lot more interesting to browse now.

Latest updates on Instagram:

  • Live Stream on the app which is also available for Windows 10 desktop!

  • Now a unique feature so you can easily switch up to 3 accounts and manage multiple Instagram pages from one device without having to log out!

  • More stickers for your Instagram stories

  • Insights available on Instagram stories

  • If you have 10,000 followers or more you can include a direct link in your Instagram stories with a swipe up feature. (still in beta)

If you want to learn more about Social Media Marketing contact Callahan & Toolen Digital Services today!

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chandan singh
chandan singh
Sep 03, 2021

We are very grateful to you for this information and we hope that you will continue to give us such information.

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