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Infographics: Blending Art and Interesting Content for Social Media

There are many niche topics on the internet that social media can breathe life into with a little graphic design. People like learning new things, and so infographics are the key to make learning exciting. When you post an infographic, your followers will appreciate the new fresh content and the opportunity to learn something new. Unfortunately, a lot of social media content is very repetitive in that everyone is doing the same thing. To engage your followers, try looking for more interesting or odd content that can ‘wow’ and at least, intrigue. From finding inspiration in subcategories of the popular holistic health movement to experiment with, to making interesting infographics on topics like emotion codes or chakra healing, there are plenty of interesting topics that are bound to get followers curious..

Social Media Marketing

If you have a lot of information to convey about your product, an infographic is the best way to do it. By uploading an image with product information, you can get around the character limits imposed by some sites, and create a highly shareable post. We can also help with this – check out our services page!

Why Infographics Are Valuable

Infographics have a strong appeal. Statistics show that people are 30 times more likely to read one than they are to read a piece that’s purely text-based. This is because people prefer active engagement. Infographics have that engagement – they break up the text with fun designs and colorful images.

If you want people coming back to your page or site, then you know how important it is to give them a reason. Regular posting of exciting content guarantees return customers, which guarantees your customers will share your work with other people, increases the notice of your brand, which ensures more and more people will find their way to your products – and hopefully, sales.

Finding Content

So, how do you continue producing original content? You need some ideas. Some things that work in infographics include Internet trends/culture, breaking down a product to show its features in-detail, educating your followers on an obscure/niche skill you specialize in or removing the mystique from a topic by analyzing it in detail.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, do some research. Find and cite reliable sources and statistics.

Converting Content into Infographics

Now that you have your information, you can turn it into an infographic! There’s a lot that goes into this part, but here are some things to keep in mind. Choose a color scheme that’s visually appealing, and then stick with it for consistency. There are many sample color schemes available online for free. Keep things interesting with a variety of text boxes – different colors and shapes. Break up plain backgrounds with semi-transparent textures, like dots or lines. Don’t put any paragraphs of text in – instead, limit it to single-sentence phrases.

Infographics blend art and content into the ultimate marketing tool. They’re the key to increased referral traffic and audience engagement.

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