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How To Prepare Your Business For A Deskless Workforce

The modern workforce is being more and more controlled by technology. People are working less and relying more on machines. In addition, there are now virtual offices that don’t even require people to work in person. Here are a few suggestions to prepare your business for this deskless workforce.

Email Communications

Emailing is an essential form of communication for individuals and businesses. Millions of business emails are sent out every day for order confirmations, customer surveys, job interview requests, etc. Many business people don’t like calling people on the phone anymore and prefer to email or call instead.

Emailing is easy and convenient, but there are still email etiquette rules that professionals follow. The basic rule is that an email message should be written in the layout of a formal letter. Make sure that all employees are following these rules.

Phone Communications

Find ways to communicate with your coworkers and employees while away from the desk. Most people actively use their smartphones to surf the Internet or send text messages. Communications apps keep employees together remotely without requiring them to meet in person. During a business trip, this prevents people from getting lost or wandering off in an unknown place.

Cloud Storage

Prepare your employees for sharing, managing and storing documents online. In addition to using email accounts, people have access to cloud storage accounts. Users can save thousands of computer files in one account. They can share accounts that contain hundreds of images, videos, and documents.

This information sharing is beneficial to business teams that require their employees to work on projects together. They can manage their accounts from any remote location and at any time of day. The accounts have passwords to restrict access from certain people. Overall, cloud storage has eliminated the need to show up in a physical workplace.

Common Issues

While this deskless job force might be intimidating to some, there can be some advantages. For example, your employees could be using their own devices, so you wouldn’t have to provide any equipment. There is also the reduced risk of workers comp, as since you might not have an office, your employees can’t get injured on the job and file a claim. Handle common problems that affect virtual workplaces and offices. A lack of team unity is the most serious problem that occurs when working remotely. It’s easier for people to disconnect from others when they’re not in the same room. To resolve this issue, try having face-to-face meetings at least once a month or once every few months.

Technology is the most essential tool in every business, we rely on it for our websites and our communication. More workplaces are getting rid of their traditional desks along with filing cabinets and bulletin boards. Like your competitors, prepare your workforce to include more technology in their regular activities.

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