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How Small Businesses Aren’t Actually All That Small

Everyone has a different definition of what is a small or big business. Even so, every small company has the ability to grow and expand to other locations. Nowadays, there are different ideas of what a small business is.

Internet Marketing

Many small businesses are becoming more popular as a result of the Internet. Small companies that market online can now compete with much larger companies. They don’t even need to have their own websites or physical locations to be successful. In fact, there are several, large websites that sponsor thousands of small businesses.

The primary goal of every small business is to reach local customers. However, a stable online presence could bring in more customers than expected. Thousands of people in other cities, states, or countries may know about the business.

Staff Numbers

The small size of a business is based partly on the number of employees there. However, employee numbers aren’t the deciding factor in how successful a small business can become. According to Toby Scammell, “Nearly 30 million businesses — or 99.9% of all domestic companies — are considered small businesses. Even if you reject the U.S. Small Business Administration’s threshold of less than 500 employees as ‘small,’ there are 23 million sole proprietorships and 20 million people working for companies with less than 20 employees.”

Geographic Expansions

Every business has the potential to grow and change. Most domestic companies are considered a small business because they promote local business. However, any local business can undergo a significant expansion.

First, the business expands to different locations within the city, and then the idea spreads throughout the country. In many cases, a small business idea spreads to areas around the globe. So, any popular idea can become a global franchise within a few years.

Niche Expansions

Small business owners have to keep up with the newest trends. In business, the public’s interests never remain the same for too long. Some trends were popular a few decades ago, such as VHS tapes, but later become old and outdated. Other trends that involve social media are very high on the popularity scale.

Their efforts include expanding the business to include different niches. For instance, an embroidery shop could vow to handle just embroidering. Over time, the manager could include screen printing, graphic design, and other techniques. For every business, there is the potential to cover new niches.

The Internet and other advanced technologies are transforming the looks of small businesses. Marketing over the Internet has opened up more possibilities for businesses of all sizes. The smallest companies can now find it easier to reach more customers and become more successful.

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