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3 Ways Businesses Can Approach Common Obstacles

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

When you are in business, you will encounter problems. Many of these problems have quick solutions, but that is not the case many times when it comes to web design, IT, and other software issues. Because of this, it is crucial to strategically handle these sorts of problems as soon as possible.

Define the Problem Clearly

The clear approach to identify the problems is as follows.

First, explore the present situation. To clarify the situation, you can gather enough information to understand the present issue, the impact of it, the consequences in not solving the issue, and the emotions the situation created.

Second, explain it. Once the situation is examined and clearly explained, you can draft an easy problem statement.

Third, question why it is an issue. When the answer to that question is another problem then you made some progress to a deeper problem. From that problem, question why is that an issue. Repeat that until either all the problems are answered, or there are unexpected consequences identified.

Determine Why it Happened

After getting to the bottom of the issue, it is crucial to determine why it occurred. Look into analysis methods like the fishbone diagram, which can help you identify “why.” Getting to the root of a problem is necessary for future performance of the web design, business systems, or other major areas. Once you determine why it happened, you can prevent this from happening again.

Having such problems is very costly. Time is money, for one. Also, unnecessary expenses would most likely occur due to being required to correct the problem. Thus, you then have to test and redesign the system, the site, and more with the users. You may have to retest several times until you have a successful solution.

Prevent It

After defining the problem and finding out why it happened, you can now ensure these costly problems won’t happen again by developing change strategies. You must deal with the content, process, and people’s feelings when it comes to these change strategies.

Then, you can establish change governance which includes the following four actions:

  1. Identifying understandable change leadership roles

  2. Producing a clear structure of change governance to manage the effort

  3. Explain how decisions relating to change will be made.

  4. Explain how the structure of change will be implemented in the ongoing operations.

With these steps, your business can handle any type of hindrance. Then, you can get back on track in accomplishing your business goals.

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