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GASP! Your Site Isn’t Responsive?

So in case you’re new to Google’s algorithms then you should know they have changed it and are penalizing anyone who doesn’t have a mobile responsive site. This change has been implemented on April 2015, so if your site is not responsive then you’re already way behind!

What is Mobile Responsiveness? When a website is responsive, it automatically adapts to the screen it is being displayed on, (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). Designs are usually sketched out in a wire frame on a grid layout and developed on a boiler plate.

Mobile responsiveness has become very important as most people have smart phones and tablets and do most of their browsing on their mobile devices. Your competitors most likely have mobile responsive sites and Google is calling out those that are and aren’t on their search engine results by showing a phone icon next to the responsive sites.

You might be wondering what the penalty is? Well its a pretty big one, they are giving your competitors the higher ranking with a mobile responsive designed site and you’re site keeps getting lower ranked! Truly a thing to GASP about.

If you’re in need of a responsive re-design contact us today!

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