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5 Ways to Help Business Owners Manage Multiple Locations

Just as your business needed that website, you business is going to need security measures, especially if you have multiple offices. Having multiple locations increases the odds of generating business and building relationships with numerous customers. However, security concerns can also arise. You simply cannot be everywhere at one time. Therefore, consider some preventative measures to maintain a safe environment that does not impede the progress of your business.

Assess the Neighborhood

Finding out the crime rates in a particular area does not require a tremendous amount of work; between speaking with the local precinct and conducting research online, you can get a strong sense of how safe the community is. Don’t be completely fooled by towns with low crimes rates though. Break-ins can happen anywhere, so you’ll still want to take safety measures. In communities with high crime rates, you may need to look into additional precautions, such as hiring a security team to protect the premises 24 hours per day.

Install a Security System

One strong strategy for protecting your business is to install a security system. This system can protect against break-ins, fires, and other issues. If such a problem were to arise, the system could notify the proper contacts and you. Another option is to look into devices that employees could use if an attack were to happen at the company. Giving them the ability to privately and immediately contact the police could save lives.

Secure the Premises

While forbidding the opening of windows on hot days/evenings or having to buzz in every employee or customer might be steps reserved for extreme situations, you should take into account the number of break-ins that happen through doors and windows. Reviewing basic safety skills, such as closing and locking these structures, can help to protect your business. You can also install cameras around the property and in the parking lot for greater safety when employees and customers are walking to their cars.

In the event that someone is injured on your property, video evidence can help the injured party file a personal injury claim. Beyond providing essential evidence, video surveillance can also dissuade trespassers from committing a crime on your property in the first place. Of course, it’s also wise to prevent accidents on your property by maintaining the building and parking area. Elite Paving explains that asphalt sealcoating and crack repair can go a long way toward preventing falls and other accidents on your property.

Monitor Vacant Properties

Whether you have an office that is vacant during the night and on weekends or you have just purchased a property that you’re remodeling, the absence of people can lure in crime. A security system and a system of cameras are both important for these properties. Also, you should make sure you know and trust the teams that you hire to work on the property. According to Defend Your Home Surveillance, a desired feature includes the ability to set the security camera to detect motion and start recording automatically on a triggered event throughout the day/night. When you monitor vacant offices, you can keep a closer eye on who is entering and exiting. Vacant properties might not seem like a huge priority, but you’ll need to make sure nothing strange is going on with them while no one is there to check.

Use Your Phone

Even though you have these tools monitoring your properties, you may not feel fully secure unless you’re taking an active role in the process. These days, you can download apps that let you watch your properties when you aren’t there. While you likely can’t spend the entire day seeing what’s going on, you can have a greater sense of confidence in knowing that you can check in when you would like.

Managing multiple locations might seem stressful, especially when you consider security concerns. Fortunately, today’s technology has made doing so possible.

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